Brain Science Brain Science #24

Cognitive distortions

How reflective are you with the thoughts you think? In this episode, Mireille and Adam talk through a few more cognitive distortions. These “distortions” are general tendencies or patterns of thinking that are false or inaccurate, which also have the potential to cause psychological damage. Generally speaking, people develop cognitive distortions as a way of coping with adverse life events. The more prolonged and severe those adverse events are, the more likely it is that one or more cognitive distortions will form. By recognizing these patterns in our thoughts and possibly how, when, or why we’re prone to use them, like many things, we create the opportunity to change them.


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Ronald Martin

Ronald Martin

Vernon B.C. Canada

Retired Chemical Technologist

2020-07-10T15:46:11Z ago

Thanks Dr. Reece! Listening and comprehending this material is awesome! I feel renewed and charged up to continue studying the material presented here. The links you have included are interesting and very informative. I will be using the positive psychology web and PDF worksheets and see how that goes. Thanks again. (see comments from #7..What were you thinking🙂)

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