Go Time Go Time #147

Community Q&A

A community Q&A special. You asked the questions, and we discussed them live on air. A few example questions include “When is it okay to use init?”, “When should we use constructors?”, and “How should Go code be structured?”


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2020-09-29T13:23:27Z ago

The one dependency injection framework I have used that didn’t drive me bonkers was Guice. If I were hunting for a DI tool in Go, I’d look for one with similar attributes, but maybe not the same.

That said - My projects have been satisfied with a struct that has certain things in it, like a DB connection and often I store those as an interface it’s a dependency that “does something” or a struct of my own internal type if it’s just a piece of information that gets used in a few places (IE log level)

Anyway, good episode.

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