Matt Klein

Envoy is now a CNCF graduated project  ↦

When we talked with Dan Kohn on The Changelog #314 about the CNCF landscape and trail map, he made it clear that graduated projects are a good first choice for adoption at each stage along the 1 through 10 trail map trail. In this case, Envoy is poised to be the “happy path” choice for 5. Service proxy, discovery, & mesh.

…the CNCF projects in general somewhat represent a happy path, where we can confidently say, hey, if you choose our graduated incubating projects, we know they all work. We know that there’s real end-users adopting them. We know that there’s vendors out there who are eager to support them, your issues are gonna get responded to … it’s a pretty safe bet to engage and get invested in those communities. — Play The Changelog #314 at 1:03:48 or read the transcript


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