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ExpressionEngine is now open source (open source has won)  ↦

This hits close to home — I was a heavy user/developer around ExpressionEngine from 2006-2008. I’m happy to see them come around to embrace an open source model.

When Rick Ellis, founder of EllisLab, was asked on Twitter “Why open source?” he simply said:

Open source has won. It’s not even a contest anymore.

Here’s a note shared with us from Derek Jones, CEO of EllisLab:

[ExpressionEngine] a popular commercial CMS with 15 years of continuous development has taken a huge leap and gone open source after watching the closed-source CMS market continue to shrink while simultaneously getting more crowded.


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2020-10-19T18:21:02Z ago

I’m an ExpressionEngine developer who has worked on EE since version 1. Looking back on this change, it was a great move. I’m excited about where the CMS is going these days. However, with new owners in the past year or so, I do wonder if EE will remain open source. We’ll see…

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