Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #369

Five years of freeCodeCamp

Today we have a very special show for you – we’re talking with Quincy Larson the founder of freeCodeCamp as part of a two-part companion podcast series where we each celebrate our 5 and 10 year anniversaries. This year marks 5 years for freeCodeCamp and 10 years for us here at Changelog. So make sure you check out the freeCodeCamp podcast next week when Quincy ships our episode to their feed. But, on today’s episode we catch up with Quincy on all things freeCodeCamp.


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Quincy Larson

Quincy Larson

Teacher at

2019-11-16T16:46:42Z ago

It was a blast talking with Jerod and Adam. I am happy to answer any questions anyone else has here. Also, be sure to look out for the companion episode - my ~3 hour interview with Adam and Jerod to celebrate The Changelog’s 10th birthday. I’ll publish it Monday :)

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