Maria Gutierrez

Fundamentals of building and managing distributed engineering teams  ↦

I talked with Bryan Helmig about this on Founders Talk #55. He’s the co-founder and CTO of a “remote only” company, so that means engineering as well. Yes, you read that right — remote only.

Maria Gutierrez (VP of Engineering at FreeAgent), writes on the GitPrime blog:

When your company’s headquarters are outside of one of the major tech hubs, you’ll likely hit a point where you realize you simply cannot hire enough developers to work in the main office. A lot of companies need to start considering distributed candidates in order to build the quality crews they need. And if you want those distributed engineers to be successful members of your team for a long time, you’ll need to follow certain best practices right from the get-go.

For some, going distributed is a choice. For others, it’s a necessity to survive. Which side of the line does your organization stand on this subject?


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