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Glitch celebrates v1.0 with a week of major announcements  ↦

Today Glitch, the “friendly community where you’ll build the app of your dreams”, is officially “tearing off the beta label”. To celebrate, they’ve made a major announcement each day this week.

The announcements include Glitch for Teams, “Making Learning to Code More Accessible” by adding embed support, “Tackling the Biggest Pain Points in Web Development” by adding things like “full-stack view source”, “Reinventing Version Control with Glitch Rewind”, and open-sourcing the app which will allow the community to remix the site to suggest ideas.

Glitch is super exciting to me. Their efforts to make development more accessible, appealing, and fun will likely have profound effects on the community in the coming years.

Glitch celebrates v1.0 with a week of major announcements


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