Go Time Go Time #199

Go on hardware: TinyGo in the wild

In this episode, we will be exploring the tiny world of Go and Hardware. We are joined by three gophers, Vladimir Vivien, Tobias Theel, and Ron Evans, who will be discussing the use of Linux API (V4L2) to control video hardware and capture image data in realtime, programming Bluetooth devices, working on WiFi communication using an Arduino Nano 33 IoT NINA chip, and much more.


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2021-09-30T19:19:57Z ago

On your (Ron?) spreadsheet comment: I was programming about 10 years before the spreadsheet was developed and you’re not that far off about your comments on spreadsheets. Look up VisaCalc! Before Visa Calc people bought hardware and and said what software will run on our hardware we just bought, it’s true. People bought a computer from a hardware company then decided what to run or “rolled their own” programs. VisaCalc software spawned a notion that software was really what is important. People saw this piece of software, Visa Calc, and said “What type of hardware do I need to run this software”. A big mind purchasing shift. The hardware was, of course, Apple and in a few years Lotus 123 on PC and other spreadsheet software were available for the other commodity hardware platform the (IBM) PC, but the software genie was out of the bottle. Since that time of Visa Calc software has driven every hardware purchase, and hardware is almost an after thought. Time period 1977-1981.

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