Andrew Askins

How I run a company with ADHD  ↦

Andrew Askins shared his story of being diagnosed with ADHD and the pressures of ADHD that he faces as a founder. Andrew also shared how he’s getting better at managing himself and ways of coping.

I don’t ever want to use ADHD as an excuse or a crutch. But if I don’t acknowledge the challenges the disorder creates I can’t develop coping mechanisms. So I’m acknowledging those challenges and I’m sharing them here. My hope is that others facing the same challenges know they’re not alone.

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Matt Broberg

Matt Broberg

Minneapolis, MN

Community contributor, builder, and veracious creator.

2019-05-20T15:06:14Z ago

I found this read quite powerful. Andrew’s strategies to reduce his potential rabbit hole distractions are applicable to any of us. My takeaways:

  • Simple, clearly prioritized Todo app
  • Reduce distractions on your smart phone
  • Stick to what motivates you and use it like fuel (for him it was people)
  • Remember what you’re amazing at and do more of it
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