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2024-06-12T23:12:08Z ago

It’s all funny when someone says an unpopular opinion you disagree with because you can just ignore it, but when this someone is Russ Cox you know you’ll just have to live with it..

I’ve always kept some hope Go would get some kind of feature to help avoid nil pointers. Now my hopes are shattered.

2024-06-14T21:28:07Z ago

Apologies for shattering your hopes. I have spent a long time thinking about ways to do that, and they all end up being highly invasive to the language, arguably more invasive than generics. Dart just went through a big transition to add non-nullable types and other type safety improvements, and it was a huge multi-year project. And they started out in a better place, since they have the concept of constructors in the first place. Never say never, but it’s not a high priority.

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