How to build a free, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics  ↦

Google Analytics runs on over 56% of all websites. It’s the backbone of ad-tech across the web. Unfortunately, for site owners like me who just want to learn how people are using their website—while respecting their privacy—there simply aren’t any alternatives that meet all my requirements. So in two days, after a couple dead-ends, I built my own using React, AWS Lambda, and a spreadsheet. This is how.

It’s somewhat ironic that the datastore for this project is Google Sheets. That aside, this is a well-done effort and one that I wouldn’t mind adapting for use around these parts.


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Cody Peterson

Cody Peterson

Portland, Oregon

UI/UX Designer and Developer. Future private detective. I now have a dog.

2019-03-23T16:58:24Z ago

Very cool. Also, I’ve been meaning to try out Fathom, which bills itself as “a simpler and more privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics”. It is built with Golang and Preact and can be self-hosted.

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