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Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #549

Storytime with Steve Yegge

2023-07-20T21:00:00Z #ai +3 🎧 32,667

This week it’s storytime with Steve Yegge! Steve came out of retirement to join Sourcegraph as Head of Engineering. Their next frontier is Cody, their AI coding assistant that answers code questions and writes code for you by reading your entire codebase and the code graph. But, we really spent a lot of time talking with Steve about his time at Amazon, Google, and Grab. Ok, it’s storytime!

Practical AI Practical AI #55

AutoML and AI at Google

2019-09-09T21:06:22Z #ai +2 🎧 9,067

We’re talking with Sherol Chen, a machine learning developer, about AI at Google and AutoML methods. Sherol explains how the various AI groups within Google work together and how AutoML fits into that puzzle. She also explains how to get started with AutoML step-by-step (this is “practical” AI after all).

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