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How to recognize burnout (and how to prevent it)  ↦

Erica Lindberg, writes on the GitLab blog about preventing burnout:

Set clear boundaries between work and home — I’m trying to limit how many days I allow myself to work over eight hours by either scheduling other activities in the evening with friends or my partner (it works better when you’ve committed to someone so they can help hold you accountable. These things can be anything from rock climbing to dinner or watching a movie) or simply blocking out my calendar and setting reminders for when it’s time to shut off. And when it is time to shut off I’m come up with a “ritual” of shutting down my computer, turning off my keyboard, monitor, and light in my office – this makes it harder to come back to “just finish up one last thing”

I really needed to be reminded of this. It’s a shame when you know what to do, but you choose not to, and allow yourself to creep closer to burnout.


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