Alex Ellis

I wrote a book about Everyday Go  ↦

This is my third eBook on Go, and it’s one of the ways I’m supporting my time to make open source contributions and lead the OpenFaaS community. The book covers samples, examples and techniques that I’ve learned over the past 5-6 years.

The point is not to be an 800-page tomb with tenuous links between content, but code from real open source applications that are run in production at scale.

There’s been over 300 copies sold already and I’m offering a money back guarantee if anyone should feel it didn’t meet their expectations.


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Alex Ellis

Alex Ellis

London, UK

I help companies on their Cloud Native journey. CNCF Ambassador. OpenFaaS Founder.

2021-07-18T08:31:04Z ago

Thank you for the support from the Changelog community!

This is now my third information product on Gumroad, with the middle one being about Raspberry Pi clusters. One of the reasons for sharing is to inspire others, so feel free to check out my write-up on the first one here: My first eBook launch - results & feedback (10k USD in 27 days)

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