Brain Science Brain Science #30

I'm just so stressed

Stress is something that we will inevitably encounter throughout our lives. It isn’t all bad or maladaptive, but how we manage it can make a significant difference in our lives. The degree of stress we feel impacts how we show up in the world including both how we relate and how we do the work before us each day.

In this episode, Mireille and Adam discuss the impact of stress on our systems including the role of different stress hormones on our immune system, cardiovascular system and our metabolism. Like many other conversations on previous episodes, we provide research relative to the value of relationships as having close connections helps us all combat the stress that loneliness can cause as well. When we utilize resources to support us as well as set limits on what we expose ourselves to and focus our attention to, we have the opportunity to better navigate the stresses of our lives.


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Ronald Martin

Ronald Martin

Vernon B.C. Canada

Retired Chemical Technologist

2020-09-27T15:35:32Z ago

Thanks again for this very informative discussion. I can’t help but mention “Above and beyound “ an on demand documentary of NASA and it’s history of accomplishments. My point may very well be that look at what we achieve together with leadership with vision and the feeling of connection like what we all felt when Neil Armstrong spoke from the surface of the moon! Stress relief may come from the effort of the thought that we can all do better. (Especially me!) Thx for explaining my thoughts. Cheers

2020-09-28T00:30:42Z ago

The l’m just so stressed podcast, really stressed me out.  After listening to it for some time my brain started getting triggered and stressed by your constant use of “right!?”  Being on more conference calls for work,  I have honed in on one colleague that constantly says some statement followed by “right!?”  He is a smart and capable guy, and is a high performer, but his constant use of “right” annoys me.  I’ve wondered why he does this.  Is it just a communication tick or does he constantly need affirmation?   As a psychologist yourself what do you think?  Why does one use the word “right!?” after stating facts?  Maybe it’s just a generational thing,  right!?

2020-09-28T13:39:45Z ago

LOL! Welcome to a figure of speech that has become habit–it is exactly as you say, a statement turned into a question and a tick of sorts. Part of the irritant of this way of speaking is the implicit expectation of agreement, one which you may or may not agree. That is part of why it’s irritating…it’s an assumption as opposed to an interpersonal exchange or dialogue wherein the question is made explicit. I would not assume it’s a need for affirmation rather an unhelpful interpersonal conversational style. Thank you for taking the time to give feedback and listening to the show! I will most certainly keep this in mind and work to reduce its use from my manner of speaking on the show, right?!! :)

2020-09-28T14:00:34Z ago

Thank you for your response and your professional assessment of why it bothers me, “the implicit expectation of agreement”. I can only change myself, and this knowledge will help me understand why that triggers me, right?! Seriously, thank you for the free therapy and being so knowledgeable on these subjects. I will continue to enjoy your podcasts.

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