Austen Allred

Lambda School is giving an $18,000 stipend to select students  ↦

Austen Allred, Co-founder and CEO of Lambda School, writing on why they’re doing this:

Our goal at Lambda School is to help our student really succeed to the best of their ability and to remove the barriers that are currently preventing more people from being able to access a high tech education - and the career, financial, impact and other benefits that come with it.

We know that one of the hardest parts of deciding to go back to school is figuring out how to make it work without a full time salary.

By launching this Living Stipend Pilot Program, we are looking at how we can create more products and innovative ways to help support our current students - and to expand who can become a Lambda School student.

They’re not looking at financials or credit scores, instead applications will be screened by asking just two questions as criteria for selection:

  1. Why do you need this living stipend to be successful as a Lambda School student?
  2. Tell us a bit about the unique part of your story that will make you a valuable addition to both the Lambda and tech community?


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Matt Broberg

Matt Broberg

Minneapolis, MN

Community contributor, builder, and veracious creator.

2019-03-13T22:29:36Z ago

The part of me that sees this as an opportunity for those who wouldn’t normally get financial support to get some is phenomenal.

The other part of me is concerned with the psychology of it: those who are the best storytellers are experts at using the narrative bias and are not necessarily the most in need. I hope the crew at Lambda keep that in mind.

That caveat noted, this is freaking great to see. Let’s keep the trend of paying people to learn skills up and to the right 📈

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