Practical AI Practical AI #257

Leading the charge on AI in National Security

Chris & Daniel explore AI in national security with Lt. General Jack Shanahan (USAF, Ret.). The conversation reflects Jack’s unique background as the only senior U.S. military officer responsible for standing up and leading two organizations in the United States Department of Defense (DoD) dedicated to fielding artificial intelligence capabilities: Project Maven and the DoD Joint AI Center (JAIC).

Together, Jack, Daniel & Chris dive into the fascinating details of Jack’s recent written testimony to the U.S. Senate’s AI Insight Forum on National Security, in which he provides the U.S. government with thoughtful guidance on how to achieve the best path forward with artificial intelligence.


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2024-02-29T19:53:47Z ago

Great discussion guys and would be fantastic the hear more from Jack. Pretty down to earth considering his CV.
Is the unclassified “ joint warfighting concept” available? Love to reference the link.

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