Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #462

Learning-focused engineering

This week we’re joined by Brittany Dionigi, Director of Platform Engineering at Articulate, and we’re talking about how organizations can take a more intentional approach to supporting the growth of their engineers through learning-focused engineering.

Brittany has been a software engineer for more than 10 years, and learned formal educational and classroom-based learning strategies as a Technical Lead & Senior Instructor at Turing School of Software & Design. We talk through a ton of great topics; getting mentorship right, common coaching opportunities, classroom-based learning strategies like backwards planning, and ways to identify and maximize the learning opportunities for teams and org.


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Ruby Developer aka Joy Developer

2021-10-04T09:16:41Z ago

The biggest struggle for a (self taught) software engineer (in my opinion) is:

  • When you are stuck on something, that you can’t formulate as question to Google/Stackoverflow.

  • When you are stuck on something, when in reality that something is not a problem and you are trying find a solution.

  • When you don’t know how to proceed.

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