Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #465

Oh my! Zsh.

Robby Russell is back on The Changelog after more than 10 years to catch us up on all things Oh My Zsh — a delightful, open source, community-driven framework for managing your Zshell configuration. It comes bundled with plugins, themes, and can be easily customized and contributed to, because hey, that’s how open source works. In this episode Robby gives us a glimpse into the passion and the struggle of being an open source software maintainer.


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2021-10-29T23:28:00Z ago

@adam, I remember you mentioned a reload function for omyzsh in this episode. How does that work? I have zsh and omyzsh both installed and I can’t figure that one out

2021-11-17T10:34:42Z ago

As an OMZ user, I enjoyed this episode – thank you! Another episode that I really liked was the “vim special” – even made me want to learn vim 😄.

However, for now I’m an Emacs user, and my favorite shell is fish and … you can probably see where this is going. Can we get an “Emacs special”, or a show about fish? 🥺

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