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Productivity github.com

A simple script to print the last 10 commands you ran in this directory

What was I doing the last time I was here?

We’re linking to the repo, but the idea is where it’s at. The code is a one-liner (if you’re using zsh)

grep -v "jog" ~/.zsh_history_ext | grep -a --color=never "${PWD}   " | cut -f1 -d"|" | tail

Then you add this to your .zshrc

function zshaddhistory() {
	echo "${1%%$'\n'}|${PWD}   " >> ~/.zsh_history_ext

Now you’re all set for the next time you need to jog your memory!

The Changelog The Changelog #465

Oh my! Zsh.

Robby Russell is back on The Changelog after more than 10 years to catch us up on all things Oh My Zsh — a delightful, open source, community-driven framework for managing your Zshell configuration. It comes bundled with plugins, themes, and can be easily customized and contributed to, because hey, that’s how open source works. In this episode Robby gives us a glimpse into the passion and the struggle of being an open source software maintainer.

Terminal arp242.net


Martin Tournoij lays out a bunch of ways he finds zsh more compelling than bash.

There are many more things. I’m not going to list them all here. None of this is new; much (if not all?) of this has around for 20 years, if not longer. I don’t know why bash is the de-facto default, or why people spend time on complex solutions to work around bash problems when zsh solves them. I guess because Linux used a lot of GNU stuff and bash was came with it, and GNU stuff was (and is) using bash. Not a very good reason, certainly not one 30 years later.

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