Practical AI Practical AI #191

Privacy in the age of AI

In this Fully-Connected episode, Daniel and Chris discuss concerns of privacy in the face of ever-improving AI / ML technologies. Evaluating AI’s impact on privacy from various angles, they note that ethical AI practitioners and data scientists have an enormous burden, given that much of the general population may not understand the implications of the data privacy decisions of everyday life.

This intentionally thought-provoking conversation advocates consideration and action from each listener when it comes to evaluating how their own activities either protect or violate the privacy of those whom they impact.


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2022-09-06T10:56:45Z ago

I think you guys nailed it as far as the onus for protecting user data against malicious use cases is on us, the data scientist. One of the examples you came back to over and over, “terms and conditions”, unfortunately is an abuse by our community: you can’t even use a cell phone, for example, without agreeing to their terms and conditions on how they collect and use your data. There is no choice, no options, and no agency given to the user on what can be done with their data, either accept the terms, or don’t use the product at all. I think that’s a norm the industry is setting, and it’s setting us up for failure.

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