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Omaha, NE

I’m a software developer. I like learning stuff. I think space is cool. I want astronautical engineering to be my final career. We’ll see what happens.

2023-04-16T19:24:04Z ago

Uhhhh Nick threw shade on decorators and Amal backed down on her major typescript release comment. Decorators are a big deal and would be a much bigger if they were not restricted to classes and class members. That would be a major upgrade. I am working on a code first tool to generate schemas right now. Decorators that worked on functions and variables would be amazing. Decorators that worked on TS types would be out of this world. For instance, if I could generate a value that contained metadata about an interface at runtime, while being able to analyze the decorator at compile time as well. Goodbye reflect-metadata, hello psuedo reflection. Worthy of Typescript X

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