Brain Science Brain Science #10

Shame on you

Mireille and Adam discuss shame as an emotional and experiential construct. We dive into the neural structures involved in processing this emotion as well as the factors and implications of our experience of shame. Shame is a natural response to the threat of vulnerability and perception of oneself as defective or inherently “not enough.”


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Ronald Martin

Ronald Martin

Vernon B.C. Canada

Retired Chemical Technologist

2020-05-20T16:45:15Z ago

Third time through this one! I recall a saying something like.. “The most detrimental fate that man should feel ill of himself” My generation certainly had a strict upbringing but there was also a sense of love. Cheers (Listened to “Step away to get unstuck”- Perserverance?)

2023-05-21T17:11:52Z ago

In this podcast you discuss how shame used to be a response to threat, therefore it was in some ways a good thing; it kept you safe. What about now? Can shame ever be a good thing?

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