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Software developers are now more valuable to companies than money  ↦

Will Gaybrick, CFO at Stripe, wrote a short piece for CNBC last week that hit my radar. Will shares insights about how companies are worrying more about access to software developers than they are to capital constraints.

…a majority of companies say lack of access to software developers is a bigger threat to success than lack of access to capital.

A recent study from Stripe and Harris Poll found that 61% of C-suite executives believe access to developer talent is a threat to the success of their business. Perhaps more surprisingly — as we mark a decade after the financial crisis — this threat was even ranked above capital constraints.

Will goes on to say that given this revelation, companies are still misusing their most important resource.

Too many developers are tied up in projects designed to prop up legacy systems and bad software, at a cost of $300 billion a year — $85 billion just dealing with bad code.

Correctly deployed, the expertise of software developers could add $3 trillion to global GDP over the next decade.


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