Brain Science Brain Science #17

Start with gratitude

It’s been said that happy people are thankful, but maybe it’s the other way around. Thankful people are happy. In this episode we discuss the value of and the way that practicing gratitude can improve your overall outlook and mental health. Mireille and Adam talk through some of the underlying neuropsychological aspects of this habit including the key brain structures and neurotransmitters that are affected by practicing this routinely. This is one show that will pay–over and over again–that is, if you’re willing to put the knowledge into practice. Just how “happy” do you want to feel?


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2020-04-24T17:23:43Z ago

Start our days with gratitude. I like that. I really like your utilization of the word “while” I am thinking that this is the most important “phrase” in our current society. I love the wording!

2020-04-24T17:33:49Z ago

Thanks so much for your feedback and reflection! Yes, “while” doesn’t mean that the other stuff goes away, but that you allow the other good/favorable/preferable things to sit beside the aversive.

2020-04-24T20:02:45Z ago

Thank you for your reply! I enjoy listening to brain science and value highly your expertise. It is most interesting to study the human mind. Your podcast has given me a new aspect of my thoughts and I will continue to strive for clearer “thinking” Thanks, and have a great “gratified”
day and stay safe.

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