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Alex R

Alex R


2023-01-01T16:46:42Z ago

So, while listening to this episode (haven’t finished yet) when @adamstac talks about not getting a feedback loop very much (around here). It made me think back to when I’d suggested doing some more value for value (v4v) stuff (specifically with satoshis (sats)). BTW, sorry @jerodsanto for not replying again to your comment I thought I had 😅, but I am now here 🙃.

The podcast network that I’d mentioned before has talked about a new SaaS offerings that creators could use to at least experiment (it’s built to actually run for prod, but I’m thinking it could be used for experimentation for changelog) with the v4v stuff. That way they (the podcasters) don’t have to self-host anything (or in your case integrate) into their setup currently, and with little work besides signing up for accounts and putting values into the corresponding website (i.e. podcastindex.org) enables podcasters for v4v.

Here’s a clip of the episode where they talk about it for another co-host to get setup with it: https://podverse.fm/clip/3WMDnAGz-
This is where you’d sign up for that stuff: https://getalby.com/podcast-wallet

In the clip, the person who started the network (Chris) talked about how he felt that v4v was the closest thing to interacting with the audience, besides seeing them in person, in the past 15 years of him podcasting. So, it makes me think of trying to fill that “feedback hole” @adamstac talked about.

While it’s not a lot of money (at least from what the podcasting host of the other network says) it’s at least something, but more importantly it allows easy feedback for podcast episodes directly in podcasting apps with very little money needed from listeners. I know I’ve personally written in soooo much more feedback now that I don’t have to open up a browser/email to write into their shows. I’ve gone from like maybe one or two feedback a year to probably one to five feedbacks a month. They’ve had to stop reading every boost (feedback submitted via v4v), because they were getting so many in, so user engagement has definitely gone up since they’ve done this.

The other thing that that Chris has talked about before, is that it’s nice to not have a medium where he has to reply right away like an IM (via Element.io (their slack platform)), email, or social media. It’s a one way communication channel from listener to host, and he can selectively choose to respond to them when the corresponding podcast comes around.

Maybe you could try it by listing Changelog News in the Podcast Index (since it’s not split out to it’s own feed but kind of a “different” show), and give it a try however you want (alby via web browser or app from http://newpodcastapps.com). Here is a bit more info about boosting into shows: https://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com/boost/. Alternatively, backstage might be a good testing ground as well, but it’s your network so I’m sure you’d know better 🙃

Sorry for the long discussion post 😅, but just wanted to get you all the info I could think of + some ideas to potentially give it a try 😁

Thanks again for all the awesome content! (I’m quite a bit behind on shows, my work gets crazy Q3/Q4, but am starting to catch-up on the backlog now 😁)

Jerod Santo

Jerod Santo

Omaha, Nebraska

Jerod co-hosts The Changelog, crashes JS Party, and takes out the trash (his old code) once in awhile.

2023-01-02T21:22:37Z ago

Thanks for the thoughtful comment! I actually do think Changelog News might make a good testing ground for v4v if we want to test it out. That series is already ad-free, which is a good fit.

Intuition tells me we will only draw “pennies” with it, but I do like the angle of it being a way for listeners to get involved and provide feedback as well. I thought maybe Podcasting 2.0’s in-app comments feature would serve that purpose as well, but it seems to be mostly unused even in comparison to boosting.

Alex R

Alex R


2023-02-01T12:36:35Z ago

Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

Yay, there is always (at least) one of two ways a comment like that can go, and I’m glad it was the better way 😅

I actually do think Changelog News might make a good testing ground for v4v if we want to test it out.

Cool! Ya, especially with your newest episode mentioning splitting into its own feed. 😁

Intuition tells me … feedback as well.

Ya, especially initially, but over time it might end up making a small amount of money. If you’re self-hosting the infrastructure (which if you want the easiest on-boarding I’d recommend against that 😅 and using the alby wallet I’d mentioned), then you could always invest what you get back into the lightning network channels (which is how people submit to you lighting node). At least that’s my understanding of what you can do from what Chris at JB has talked about, but you wouldn’t have to deal with that if you did the alby stuff.

I thought maybe Podcasting 2.0’s in-app comments feature…unused even in comparison to boosting.

Ya, my guess is that it’s less used because it more complicated for non-techy Podcasters. IIRC I think it requires people to setup a pub/sub to collect all those comments.

Plus, it might be viewed as “only a cost” for people instead of gaining at least a little value. Lastly I’d imagine the ecosystem around boosts (i.e. alby, and the other tools made by the Podcasting 2.0 people for boost notification, etc.) is more mature because of the getting money from people thing helps out the podcaster more.

2023-01-04T18:36:56Z ago

Can I get a link to the song that played after the $STDOUT segment, please :-)

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