Gabe Kangas

Take ownership of your live streams with Owncast  ↦

Gabe Kangas:

The new release of Owncast –the self-hosted, open source live streaming server– opened up its first set of 3rd party APIs. So not only can you run your own live streams and own your content, but you can build bots, integrate it in to 3rd party services and be super creative in encouraging chat engagement in new ways.

Looks pretty slick.


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2021-03-09T22:06:10Z ago

Thanks for sharing! While every release of any kind of project is exciting, I personally feel extra invested when you can offer functionality that allows for people to extend software in ways you couldn’t even think of. I’m hoping this is the first step of many, fueled by continued feedback, to make Owncast’s extensibility and integration options something people can use to build some really great projects of their own.

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