Go Time Go Time #117

Telemetry and the art of measuring what matters

Telemetry is tricky to get started with. What metrics should you be tracking? Which metrics are important? Will they help you predict and avoid potential issues? When is a good time to start? Should you put it off until later? In this episode we discuss some common metrics to collect, how to get started with telemetry, and more with guest Dave Blakey of Snapt.


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2020-02-16T17:20:46Z ago

Hi All, great podcast. I’m fairly new to writing code with most of my back ground in infrastructure. Telemetry has been a top item for my firm and as my young team of devs start building applications, I’d love to build on the notion Dave touched on having a Coding Contract. He mentioned 9 rules of which a telemetry helper class is one. Can Dave or anyone share guidance on building a coding contract? I’d love to hear the 9 rules Dave’s team follows, especially the telemetry rule. Thanks in advance.

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