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Bartlomiej Płotka

Bartlomiej Płotka

London, UK

Fascinated by challenging engineering problems and distributed systems. Golang & OSS fan and contributor. Prometheus maintainer, Thanos co-author.

2020-04-19T16:49:47Z ago

Amazing discussion, I really enjoyed listening to this podcast! (:

BTW, Thanks for call-outTom! ((: It’s really nice to be mentioned in Go Time… even if it was in the “Unpopular Opinions” part… 🤓

Definitely discussions around configuration management languages and tooling can be hard, there are a lot of strong opinions. That’s why instead of endless, semi constructive debates during conferences and Twitter, we start the community-driven configuration.fyi project! 💪 Everybody’s opinion is welcome to choose the best tool for the job! (: Work in progress, but hopefully, it would help to showcase the strengths of each solution and patterns, as well as an encouragement to fix gaps and flaws on the way. (:

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