Brain Science Brain Science #21

The power of story

Researchers have examined the power of story and discovered the way in which stories provide a framework that has the capacity to transcend language for universal understanding. According to Joe Lazauskas, “Stories illuminate the city of our mind…stories make us remember and they make us care.” In this episode we dive deep into the power of story to explore the ways in which stories play a role in our emotions and in our relationships with others.


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Ronald Martin

Ronald Martin

Vernon B.C. Canada

Retired Chemical Technologist

2020-05-31T20:41:08Z ago

YOUR story is one of the most important ones it seems. By listening and learning from other’s stories we certainly could benefit in ways we seemed to be missing. One of my favorite speakers, Carl Segan once said “this little blue dot” is the only place we can live at present in this solar system. We have to make it work. I guess that is a story that we could all live by. Cheers.

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