Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #322

There and back again (Dgraph's tale)

This week we talk with Manish Jain about Dgraph, graph databases, and licensing and re-licensing woes. Manish is the creator and founder Dgraph and we talked through all the details. We covered what a graph database is, the uses of a graph database, and how and when to choose a graph database over a relational database. We also talked through the hard subject of licensing/re-licensing. In this case, Dgraph has had to change their license a few times to maintain their focus on adoption while respecting the core ideas around what open source really means to developers.


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Manish R Jain

Manish R Jain

San Francisco, CA

Founder of (hiring). Author of Dgraph and Badger. Ex-Google. Ex-Quora. Hardcore systems engineer.

2018-11-09T17:53:09Z ago

Thanks for having me on the show Adam and Jerod. Really enjoyed talking to you guys!

Adam Stacoviak

Adam Stacoviak

Austin, TX

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Changelog

2018-11-10T03:57:57Z ago

Yes, likewise! I learned so much about the empathy required from both sides of the fence when it comes to licensing, re-licensing, and respecting the core ideas around what open source really means. I truly appreciate your courage to step out and share so much so openly about the struggles you’ve faced.

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