Todo Or Die? TypeScript can do that  ↦

Turns out Niek and his team were also inspired by other Todo or Die implementations:

Lately, there is some talk about Todo or Die plugins in languages. According to your latest newsletter, it is now supported in Rust, Ruby, Python, and Elixir. We’ve now added support for TypeScript as a language server plugin!

For now, it has a minimal feature set, because this was created in a day during our company’s Innovation Day, but we have lots of ideas to extend the project.


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2021-10-05T14:55:10Z ago

Thanks for publishing this!

We decided to create a language server plugin, because TypeScript doesn’t allow us to create plugins for the compiler API. This means we cannot make the build fail based on a condition in a TODO comment. As an alternative to a failed build we want to include a CLI tool in the project that lints all TODO comments for a given path. You’ll be able to use that in pre-commit hooks or pipelines for example.

If you want to checkout the source code or contribute please check out:

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