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Ronald Martin

Ronald Martin

Vernon B.C. Canada

Retired Chemical Technologist

2020-07-09T23:11:25Z ago

Hi Dr. Reece and Adam Stacoviak. I listened to your brain can change and the on to cognitive “mis or mal” behaviour🙂. Your brain can change was an evolutionary way of describing the way I process information. Sorry Adam, don’t want to sound like a computer, but it is amazing the similarities. Trying to maneuver or deal with a crack or flaw in our foundation, as the good Dr. Reece describes, is like a “glitch” in a computer caused by some “Malfunctioning “ component. The complexities of the mind obviously make malfunctioning behaviour much more complex, but I’m sure we are heading in the right direction, if we can benifit what we learn from research like Dr. Reece is pursuing. Talk about camping out.. It has been a belief of mine as well that we advance, humanitarian wise.

  • I started to review cognitive bahavior and it began to get “painfull” so I left it and went back to Eps. 7 as is was suggested in the notes. I did finish CB but on a day when I could welcome the material. I definetly have cracks in my foundation and have had therapy, which was at a time in my life when the pain to change…. Thanks gang and look forward to more talks. Cheers
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