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2019-04-05T11:23:04Z ago

Some remarks:

  1. Indeed, using open-source software does not mean one needs to be exclusive about it.
    For example, the Debian distribution does allow, and provides means to install, closed or even non-free software - the firmware for the wifi or graphic cards included. Same for Fedora. In both cases, the user must explicitely choose to do so but it’s only a matter of enabling the appropriate software repository.

  2. Apple didn’t take over webkit as you describe. Webkitgtk is still being developed by Collabora and benefits from safari development.
    I would, however, be more reserved about what Google did to webkit a.k.a. blink - which has been made very hard to use in other projects. Electron devs surely won’t deny that.

  3. Companies

  • pay for a service to simplify setting up their service, preferably a service built upon open-source
  • pay developers to build software, most of the time with several open-source components
  • use open-source software as normal people do
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