Go Time Go Time #240

What's new in Go 1.19

Go 1.18 was a major release where we saw the introduction of generics into the language as well as other notables such as fuzzing and workspaces. With Go 1.19 slated to come out next month, one has to wonder what’s next. Are we in store to be blown away by new and major features like we saw in 1.18? Not exactly but there are still lots of improvements to be on the lookout for.

Joining Mat & Johnny to touch on some of the most interesting ones is Carl Johnson, himself a contributor to the 1.19 release.


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2022-07-30T10:02:56Z ago

I think that Mat Ryer might be interested in my analysis of the consistency of the scientific laws in the arcade game Pac-Man.

A ghost is eaten, yet Pac-Man doesn’t get larger after eating something larger than him.

I believe that the ghost hasn’t actually been eaten, but instead, Pac-Man’s mouth makes the ghost invisible. The ghost retains its eyes (and retinas) as so that it can see its way back to the centre of the screen.

Note that there are two states for the visibility of the ghost. On/Off, which is Boolean. Should this be encoded with a “Last visible timestamp”? And my unpopular opinion to this is, “NO you fool! You don’t waste bytes on 8-bit machines”.

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