Max Stoiber

Why I write CSS in JavaScript  ↦

You might be on the fence with CSS-in-JS — especially after hearing from Rich Harris about Svelte on The Changelog #332. Max Stoiber writing on his personal blog with his take on the matter:

Primarily, CSS-in-JS boosts my confidence. I can add, change and delete CSS without any unexpected consequences. My changes to the styling of a component will not affect anything else. If I delete a component, I delete its CSS too. No more append-only stylesheets!


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2019-02-18T17:35:22Z ago

👋 Hey folks, author here. Let me know if you have any questions! (or if you would like to record a podcast episode 😜)

Jerod Santo

Jerod Santo

Omaha, Nebraska

Jerod co-hosts The Changelog, crashes JS Party, and takes out the trash (his old code) once in awhile.

2019-02-18T17:48:37Z ago

Good stuff! The benefits of CSS-in-JS are compelling, indeed…

Off-topic, but: I’m curious about your webmention implementation on your site. Where is the code for this and where/how are you storing the fetched data? Asking for a friend… 😉

2019-02-18T18:11:42Z ago

The React components responsible for the fetching and rendering are in my website repo:

Then you have to use and to tie Twitter and Webmentions together and that’s it! Will write a post about that soon too, it’s a pretty cool setup 👍

Adam Stacoviak

Adam Stacoviak

Houston, TX

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Changelog. Hacker to the heart.

2019-02-18T18:59:27Z ago

I’ve been interested in talking about the journey and business story of Spectrum on Founders Talk but wasn’t sure who the best person was to speak about that. Talking Spectrum on The Changelog could be fun too.

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