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Making accessibility more accessible

Austin Gil writes an excellent post on how to get more team members involved with accessibility by sharing tools they’ll actually use. He covers tools for designers, developers, editor plugins, frontend frameworks, stylesheets, and even CI/CD integrations.

(This was also a big topic of discussion in JS party #204: JavaScript will kill you in the Apocalypse.)


WordPress is still pretty darn great

Austin Gil:

For building applications, I like to use a “modern” tech stack (Vue.js, Express.js, Node, PostgreSQL). Sexy, new technology is fun to work with and makes me feel smart. However, I see a lot of folks in the dev community speak poorly about WordPress, and I just don’t get it.

He goes on to explain why he continues to use WordPress, things he doesn’t love about it, and provides a few tips for using WordPress effectively.


Building better forms for the web

An epic 5-part series on building HTML forms right.

Forms are arguably the most important parts of any web application. Without forms, we would not have sites like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, etc. However, the more I browse the web, the more I see poor implementations of forms.

In this series, we will examine the proper steps to creating forms for the web, how to think about the code we write, and considerations to make along the way.

Austin plans on turning this series into a full-blown book this year, so expect more from him in this arena very soon.

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