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Hongli Lai

Co-founder of Phusion, developer of the Passenger application server for Ruby, Python and Node. Passionate about web development and computing infrastructure.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands · Twitter · GitHub · Website
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Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #136

Phusion Passenger (aka Ruby Raptor)

2015-01-08T19:45:00Z #ruby 🎧 23,164

Adam and Jerod talk with Hong Lai, one of the co-founders of Phusion. His company recently got a lot of attention for their upcoming version of Phusion Passenger, which they decided to call Ruby Raptor in a clever marketing play to get people excited about Passenger again. It worked, and we invited Hongli on the show to talk about Passenger/Ruby Raptor, the challenges of marketing open source, and how to get the internet excited about your next version.

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