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The React Podcast The React Podcast #9

Emotion with Kye Hohenberger

2018-05-15T11:00:00Z #react +1 🎧 6,890

Kye Hohenberger is the author of the Emotion JavaScript library, a popular choice among React developers who prefer using CSS-in-JS to traditional CSS stylesheets. In this episode we discuss his work on Emotion including where he got the initial inspiration for the project and his motivation for creating it. We also discuss the future of the project and what may be in store for the future of CSS-in-JS.

The React Podcast The React Podcast #3

The Future of React with Dan Abramov

2018-02-28T20:00:00Z #react +1 🎧 4,928

In this episode Michael Jackson talks with Dan Abramov, author of Redux and create-react-app, about the responsibility that comes with being an influential voice for React, how future versions of React will leverage requestIdleCallback to schedule work, and the possibility of a future API for React that makes it easier to do async work.

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