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JS Party JS Party #6

Web Components and WTF is Shadow DOM?

2017-04-11T17:00:00Z #javascript 🎧 5,718

Mikeal Rogers, Alex Sexton, and Rachel White discuss Web Components and questions like — “WTF is Shadow DOM?” and “Are custom elements ready?” We also discuss the JavaScript conference scene as well as attending, speaking and organizing conferences. Plus, the project of the week — p5.js.

JS Party JS Party

Meet Rachel White

2017-02-24T15:00:00Z #javascript 🎧 3,717

In this show we meet Rachel White, front-end engineer, Tech Evangelist on the DX team at Microsoft, and panelist on this show — JS Party. Rachel shares her fun attitude, her backstory, topics she’s excited to discuss, and who she hopes listens to this show.

Spotlight Spotlight #11

Node, IoT, and Robotics

2017-02-17T02:00:00Z #javascript +1 🎧 2,134

In this episode of The Future of Node series recorded at Node Interactive 2016 Adam talked with Rachel White, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, about Node, IoT, robotics. We talked about making robots, inspiring developers to try new things, having fun as a developer, letting go of imposter syndrome, RFID implants, and making stuff for fun outside of our day to day jobs.

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