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Salma Alam-Naylor

I help developers build stuff, learn things and love what they do. With a background in music, teaching and comedy, and after a career as a front end developer and lead engineer, I currently work on the Developer Experience team at Netlify.

I am a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, Twitch partner, live coding streamer, speaker, tech content creator, and relentless advocate for building a truly accessible web. Founder of and, my projects revolve around activism for social change and equality in the technology industry, and my expertise is the Jamstack and related front end web technologies.

Manchester, UK · Twitter · GitHub · Website

JS Party JS Party #204

JavaScript will kill you in the Apocalypse

Salma Alam-Naylor joins us this week to share her thesis that JavaScript is best in moderation, and is a liability when creating performant, resilient, and accessible web applications. Salma says we’re drunk on JavaScript, and it’s time we learn how to leverage this powerful web primitive to enhance our web experiences, alongside HTML and CSS, instead of purely relying on JavaScript to completely run the show.

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