Changelog Interviews – Episode #591

Building the Patreon for developers

with Birk Jernström, founder / CEO of Polar

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Birk Jernström from Polar joins the show to tell us all about the creator platform for developers: why he built it, how it works, why it works how it works, what’s in store for the future & we even give Birk some super deep UX feedback on the funding flow.



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1 00:00 Welcome to The Changelog
2 01:30 Sponsor: Tailscale
3 04:34 Start the show!
4 05:44 Birk's backstory
5 09:20 Polar's backstory
6 13:02 Making money with Polar
7 23:00 GitHub acquisition?
8 25:20 Sponsor: Sentry
9 29:09 First donation to IPO
10 31:38 First appearance to IPO
11 36:31 On Paddle
12 38:01 Merchant of record
13 44:10 How Polar makes money
14 48:15 Pre-seed funding
15 55:17 Convincing the angels
16 58:30 Sponsor: Ladder Life Insurance
17 1:00:27 Polar copycats
18 1:03:15 The Shopify analogy
19 1:07:44 The SerenityOS story
20 1:12:05 Shared issue funding
21 1:15:47 Stripe only for now
22 1:20:17 Funding UI DEEP dive
23 1:31:51 Birk on bug bounties
24 1:36:13 First steps
25 1:41:48 Wrapping up
26 1:44:13 Outro (Join ++!)


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