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A CSS3-based JavaScript presentation framework

A few months back Bartek Szopka released impress.js, a JavaScript presentation tool that uses CSS3 for all of the transitions and transformations in modern browsers.

While impress.js is a little different than the projects we usually cover on the changelog, it is a very cool tool in it’s own right. Being one of the highest watched repositories on github, it obviously has drawn the attention of many.

Impress got it’s inspiration from, and the possibilities are endless. Using it takes a little setup (developing, designing, and laying out your “slides”). Once your content is setup, initializing impress is simple:

<script src="js/impress.js"></script>

Use the source, Luke!

Bartek strongly encourages you to read through the source to understand what impress is doing. If you look at the official example, you will see commented source code explaining how to use impress.js.

As the documentation explains:

The only limit is your imagination

Checkout a few more examples to see it in action. You can also browse the source at GitHub.


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