Ajax.org O3: Collection of C++ components exposed through a JavaScript API

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While at FOWA 2010, Adam Stacoviak caught up with the guys and gals at Ajax.org. And since we’ve been on this Node.js kick for a bit now, maybe it’s time we introduce you to the guys at Ajax.org and what they’ve been doing with C++ and JavaScript to make the Ajax.org Platform APF and Ajax.org O3 provide developers with easy to use libraries and tools in order to make the browser the dominant application platform.

Definitely check out their codes and follow them on Twitter @ajax_org.

Photo courtesy of our friend Kevin Milden of New Leaders.

Oh, and for those VC’s or groups that provide funding to companies that are developing Open Source software, Ruben (CEO) and Rik (CTO) are looking to gain funding to take them to the next level.

Ajax.org O3

Ajax.org O3 is a collection of C++ components which are exposed through a JavaScript API. On top of that it’s also a library that allows you to create those components. Ajax.org O3 allows you to run the same code anywhere:

  • Optimized for speed and security
  • Same API’s everywhere
  • Runtime environments

Example of the O3 File API

var root = o3.fs;
var files = root.children;

//Iterating the files in a folder
o3.out("Current dir: " + root.path);
    ].join(", "));

//Read a file

//Create and write a new (or existing) file
root.get("newfile.txt").data = "test";

//Append to a file
if (root.get("newfile.txt").exist)
    root.get("newfile.txt").data += "test";

//Write binary data
var img = new o3.image();
//fill img data here
root.get("photo.jpg").data = img;

//Or access the blob directly:
root.get("photo.jpg").blob = img.blob;

Ajax.org Platform

Ajax.org Platform is a pure javascript application framework for creating real-time collaborative applications that run in the browser. Ajax.org Platform radically changes the way you write applications:

  • Live markup
  • Markup and JSON api
  • Collaborative backbone
  • 100% open source software

[Homepage] [O3 on GitHub] [Ajax.org O3] [Ajax.org Platform]

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