Adam Stacoviak

Automate your GitHub processes with botdylan

Heavily inspired by GitHub’s Hubot – botdylan lets you automate any process in GitHub.

From the readme:

We use Github heavily. There are some repetitive tasks that were taking away our time to hack on a better product. Since we are in the productivity space we decided to stop doing things manually and start to have a more productive environment to work with.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with botdylan:

  • Label issues with the status of the CI
  • Show a cowboy image when someone posts directly to develop
  • Label issues that have 2 or more thumbs
  • Post images on demand "image me..."
  • Label issues with the status of the PR (mergeable or not)
  • Ping inactive pull requests
  • Post message to your chat room (when the CI fails for instance)
  • Interact with other services via HTTP

botdylan runs as a daemon and gets configured through a config.json file that describes cron and hooks scripts. cron scripts execute periodically and hook scripts execute on github hook events.

$ ls /etc/botdylan

$ botdylan --dir /etc/botdylan

Check out the project on GitHub to learn more.

ht/ Pau Ramon from Teambox


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