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Brain Science at Heartifacts

Plus we're giving away free passes to the conference!

If you’re a subscriber of Brain Science, then you’re going to love my upcoming talk at Heartifacts in August. The conference is online and virtual (of course) which means our entire global audience can attend. Registration is $75 with swag or $50 swag-free. We’re giving away three (3) free passes, so keep reading to learn more.

Brain Science @ Heartifacts 2020

What’s my talk about?

My talk is titled Being Human - Managing ourselves and our output.

The biggest challenge we all face as professionals just trying to get things done, is being able to manage ourselves while also maintaining our output.

We manage so many aspects of our lives, but many of us don’t slow down enough to consider the role that our brains play in the quality of our thinking AND what we give our attention to. This, of course, translates into the decisions we end up making and the things we do.

If we know better, then we can do better.

It all begins with awareness and where you place your attention.

My talk will help you…

  • Learn about how the human brain processes and integrates data and why that matters, especially relative to managing your energy.
  • Learn about factors relative to managing what you feel…because emotions count as we are designed to feel.
  • Learn more about what matters in how you relate with others…because how we manage ourselves inevitably affects our relationships with others.

Who’s my talk for? Why should you attend?

This talk is aimed at those who are curious…and the thinkers out there who are interested in examining the quality of their thinking AND what they are giving their attention to.

We put ourselves out there everyday when we put our work (our art) on display for the world to accept or deny as “enough.” How we feel and what we think fundamentally influences how we do our work and the kind of work we are able to produce.

What about those free passes?!!

YES…we’re giving away three (3) free passes to our loyal listeners…and, it’s SO EASY to enter! Just drop a comment below sharing your thoughts on my upcoming talk and what you hope to learn more about when you attend Heartifacts. Good luck!


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Ronald Martin

Ronald Martin

Vernon B.C. Canada

Retired Chemical Technologist

2020-08-13T16:02:45Z ago

I’m a little late.. Brainscience has helped me understand my thinking. My only contribution would be that just about every topic you have discussed had touched my life from Being Human to brain waves to caffeine use. (Love Coffee!) I am trying to obtain some neuroplasticity by being more physically active. “Life” certainly has a way of getting in the way of clear thinking, but Dr. Reece, you are spot on with your work. My profession as a “technician” often required a lot of thinking while still trying to be “human”.
I wish I had the opportunity earlier in my life to see the “fun” you describe. I’ve been described as “immature”. I’d don’t care… Our lives are too short to loose that “childlike” wonderment. Thx

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