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You can now edit our show notes on GitHub!

Those of you who’ve been following along on Twitch know we’ve been working towards open sourcing our podcast show notes so the community can help improve them. I’m happy to announce that THIS is now a thing! 🎉🎉🎉

The backstory

It all began when Horst Rutter 1 caught a typo in our show notes and wondered aloud if he could fix it.

We already had a similar process in place for our transcripts, so the concept was battle-tested and effective. I asked Joe Bew if he was interested in tackling the feature since he’d been hacking on our CMS for his Twitch channel lately. Ultimately, we decided to pair program on it.

Turns out working on something for only a couple of hours once a week is not the most effective way to bang out a feature. Oh well, I finished it up off-stream and we had some fun doing it!

How it works

Sourcing our transcripts on GitHub is pretty easy because the data flows uni-directionally. All file creation and editing is done on GitHub. We just add a webhook to have the CMS suck in the latest changes. Easy peasy.

Show notes work a lot like that, except the content originates in our admin. We want to keep it that way. So, in addition to pulling in updates via a webhook (related code here and here), we also have to push changes back to the repo when admins edit the notes (related code here and here).

Pushing content changes to GitHub via the REST API2 is pretty straight forward, but finding the documentation on how to do it was not. It’s right here, in case you’re curious.

Please do contribute!

We’d 💚 your help to make our show notes as useful as possible. Here’s a few reasons why we think it’d be worth your effort:

  • Once merged, your contribution will immediately (pending webhook execution) appear on the episode page for all to use/enjoy!
  • We routinely send thank you’s on the air and on Twitter!
  • Give back to the awesome Changelog Community of hackers, podcast hosts, and guests!

Go on. What are you waiting for an engraved invitation?

  1. Horst has been tirelessly improving Go Time's transcripts. Thanks, Horst!

  2. I wonder, is this doable from the GraphQL API? 🤔


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