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Ember.js: formerly Amber.js and formerly SproutCore 2.0

Ok, so I’m slow to the take. My ear wasn’t close enough to the ground to get the fact that Ember.js was formerly the Amber.js that was formerly SproutCore 2.0.

Ember.js Lunch Talk at Carbon Five

Four days after it was announced as Amber.js, it was renamed to Ember.js due to some naming collisions with Amber Smalltalk, a Smalltalk implementation written in JavaScript. After some communication with the folks behind Amber Smalltalk, a discussion was started on Hacker News about what they (then Amber.js) should do.

Getting started?

If you are new to ember.js, Derick Bailey of Watch Me Code and Backbone Training fame shares his initial impressions (compared to backbone), as well as thoughts on handling DOM events.

Also, above I’m linking out to a video of Tom Dale (and Yehuda Katz) discussing ember.js over lunch at Carbon Five. There’s 45 minutes of presentation plus 20 minutes of Q&A.



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