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Fixie.js - Dynamically generated filler content

Ryhan Hassan has created a neat little JavaScript library that adds filler content to your HTML mockups. Using it is very simple, just add the fixie.js library to your HTML before the closing </body> tag, and Fixie looks for anything with a class of fixie.

<h1 class="fixie"></h1>
<p class="fixie"></p>

It’s smart enough to fill an <h1> tag with a phrase, a <p> tag with a paragraph, an <img> tag with an image, and so on. If you want to add fixie it to a container, it can handle that too!

By default, all images will be pulled from, but changing that is very simple:


View the sample (refresh the page a few times to see the content generated dynamically) or browse the source at GitHub.


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