Adam Stacoviak

Heyoffline.js (actually helps you warn your users when their network goes down

We’re all trying to push the boundaries of the user’s experience when they interact with our software. Heyoffline.js from Oskar Krawczyk helps you to warn your users when their network goes down – that way when they are in the middle of a form or something super important that a page reload would kill, you can let them know how to react.

Heyoffline.js is framework-agnostic (no need for jQuery). It’s written in CoffeeScript, and compiled to JavaScript.

With Heyoffline.js you can:

  • Show the network error message only if form fields were modified
  • Override the default styles and bring your own
  • Hide the dismiss button from the user
  • and more …

Heyoffline.js supports installation with Bower bower install Heyoffline. Or download heyoffline.js from the source on GitHub and include it the old-fashined way.


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